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the development of seamless clothing

Seamless clothing focuses on high-end fields characterized by sports, functionality and fashion. Zhejiang merchants have always had a good tradition of cooperation and communication in the business process, and the synergistic effect of mutual promotion and common development among enterprises in the industrial cluster is obvious. This is an important reason why the development trend of Yiwu seamless clothing cluster is significantly better than that of Guangdong and Shandong. , the company will continue to rely on the good synergy effect of the Yiwu industrial cluster in the future, and strive to promote production cooperation between enterprises in the industrial cluster, technical cooperation between enterprises and upstream raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, as well as enterprises and universities and research institutions. The research and development cooperation between them, while creating a good development environment for themselves, strives to achieve the common development of Yiwu and even China's seamless garment industry.



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